GrainWay LLC

Mission Statement:  To ensure in meeting our customer's expectations that every product is built and completed to the highest quality.

GrainWay belt conveyors move grain from under grain bin aeration floors, hopper bottom bins, overhead applications, drive over pits and your specialized application with capacity ranging from 50 to 10,000 bph.

Why are Grainway conveyors special?

GrainWay grain conveyors are gentle on grain and other types of product.  Grain bin augers and vacs cause grain damage.  GrainWay conveyors move corn, soybeans, small grains, oil seeds, edible beans, popcorn, minerals, etc.

The GrainWay grain conveyor slides under the grain bin aeration floor.  Grain wells and control handles control the flow of grain onto the conveyor.  GrainWay conveyors are cost effective because one conveyor can be used in several grain bins and in different applications.

The GrainWay grain conveyors are fast.  The incline conveyor unloads over 3000 bushel per hour.  The 12" wide flat conveyor model unloads over 5000 bushel per hour and the 18" wide flat conveyor model unloads over 7500 bushel per hour, while the 24" wide flat conveyor model unloads over 10,000  bushel per hour.

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